Exploring Miami:
Miami Night / Urban Cinema + Backstreets Miami + Miami lost & found

Miami Night / Urban Cinema

I walk illusion way with my everyday sneakers.
A woman wanders and gets lost in the the urban night
to find images that are like pieces of an unknown story.
Movie stills from films, which do not yet exist.
The light in the streets, the colors of the night
become fragmentary image details for poetic staging.

The Washington Post published an excellent article about street photography, including one of my photos from the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2020

Backstreets Miami

"There was no reason to turn into these streets,
but once you had done it, there were many reasons to stay." 

In the beginning I turned into these streets by accident, which turned into curiosity and then became purpose.
I don't remember  . . .           more  >>>

Artist Statement

Miami Lost & Found

"lose something, find something
- the heartbeat of the universe"

In this series of photographs I document lost and found objects on location,

focusing on one road in Miami, the Miami Northwest 2Avenue and on one specific day in Febr.2012.
A gap in a fence, a sticker on a pole, a discarded envelope, a ticket to a party - these details tell us something about the microcosm of the city and it's people.