New: Photo Film NEW YORK RHYTHM 2023
length 1:22 min.

Photo Film NEW YORK RHYTHM 2023

Camera, pictures, text, sound, cut and editing: Erika Anna Schumacher
Quote: Langston Hughes from "Lenox Avenue, Midnight".
Music: Casa de Frio, provided by Storyblocks
Many thanks to: Kathrin Brunnhofer, Sarah Kuschel,  Federal Academy for Cultural Education Wolfenbüttel e.V.,
Xénia Imrová, Dr. Susanne Ristow, Landesbüro für bildende Kunst NRW

The exhibition "New York Rhythm" shows photographs of New York from two different perspectives. 
Erika Anna Schumacher presents urban city views from 2022.
Roland Hagenberg shows artist portraits from the 80s.

"I'm in a New York state of mind ..." - Billy Joel