Portrait & Architecture on Susan Sontag / faces of Moscow

Portrait & Architecture on Susan Sontag / Faces of Moscow
Erika Anna Schumacher

This work was realised in 2018 during an Artist residency at the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow.

Layers of printed facades cover many of the old buildings in Moscow evoking questions of reality / irreality / surreality. To deal with these questions I started to work with layering, printing my own photographs of Moscow on used paper from magazines, books etc. ...
Printing portraits on the pages of Susan Sontag's book "On Photography" (Russian edition) is an attempt to connect and refers to her thoughts on truth and humanity in photography. A slight melancholia and a toughness can be seen in some faces which makes them equivalent to the monumental power and strength of the architecture.

Fotoprint on pages of a book, Series of 10 images, 40x50 cm framed with passepartout, unique