Traces ...
at the edge of the art world

Photographs of the art academy show window sills and washbasins that serve as shelves for bottles, brushes, cups. The bouquets of flowers, which the graduates received for their successful graduation and which are kept in the sinks on the evening of the ceremony, unfold an intense colorfulness. In the photographs, they look like sculptures and the accumulated objects in the hallway appear like a random installation.

By continuing the digital process, new works emerge from this abundance of colors and elements. Through displacement, transparency and superimposition, they become multi-layered and painterly, a different reality. Separate Reality.

Traces Superimposition Akademie No 1, 2020 

Exhibition - Gallery Coelner Zimmer - SEPERATE REALITY / MISSING


Exhibition view - Gallery Coelner Zimmer - SEPERATE REALITY / MISSING 2021